Jeddah Tower 2023 Updates: On Top Of The World

Jeddah Tower 2023 Updates

Jeddah Tower, also referred to as the Kingdom Tower, stands as an awe-inspiring testament to modern architectural brilliance. Proudly rising from the bustling cityscape of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, this ambitious skyscraper is currently under construction and poised to rewrite the records of vertical mastery. As the finishing touches draw nearer, Jeddah Tower is primed to claim the title of the tallest building in the world, leaving behind even the iconic Burj Khalifa of Dubai in its majestic shadow.

Behind this visionary project lies the ingenious design of Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, renowned for their innovative creations that push the boundaries of what is architecturally possible. The grand vision for Jeddah Tower extends towards a staggering height of 1 kilometer (3,281 feet), a height that will be etched in history as a testament to human ingenuity and engineering prowess. Imagine looking up from the base of the tower, and your eyes traveling a distance that exceeds the height of many other iconic buildings.

The sheer scale of this marvel goes beyond its vertiginous stature. With a staggering 167 floors, Jeddah Tower is not merely a building; it’s a city in the sky. As construction advances, every floor comes alive with purpose and ambition, ready to house a multitude of functions, be it commerce, recreation, or habitation. This ambitious endeavor comes with a price tag of $1.5 billion, a true investment in the future of architecture and urban living.

But Jeddah Tower’s significance is not confined to its individuality; it’s part of a grand tapestry of urban development known as Jeddah Economic City. This colossal undertaking encompasses a multitude of elements, including residential areas, commercial zones, and recreational facilities, all seamlessly integrated into a vibrant urban landscape. With Jeddah Tower as its crowning jewel, this city within a city aims to redefine modern living, bridging the gap between aspiration and reality.

As the year 2023 unfolds, the world watches with bated breath for the grand unveiling of Jeddah Tower. A symphony of engineering, aesthetics, and human ambition, this architectural marvel symbolizes humanity’s unquenchable thirst for progress and a relentless pursuit of reaching new heights, both literally and metaphorically. The Kingdom Tower is not just a reflection of Saudi Arabia’s soaring vision; it embodies a universal dream that transcends borders and inspires generations to come.

Since its groundbreaking in 2013, the construction of the magnificent Jeddah Tower has been a journey of perseverance and determination, punctuated by various hurdles and setbacks. The path to reaching the skies has not been without challenges, as the project encountered financial obstacles and underwent significant design alterations. As we step into May 2023, the Jeddah Tower continues to rise, steadily inching closer to its crowning glory.

While the exact completion date remains veiled in uncertainty, the world eagerly anticipates the day when Jeddah Tower will stand tall as a beacon of architectural brilliance and a testament to Saudi Arabia’s unwavering ambition and economic prowess. Its ascension to completion promises to be a momentous occasion, attracting tourists and admirers from all corners of the globe.

As Jeddah Tower continues to make progress, its silhouette on the city’s skyline already captures the imagination of those who gaze upon it. Once its construction reaches its zenith, the tower is poised to become more than just a structural marvel; it will be a symbol of human triumph over challenges and a reminder of the remarkable heights humanity can achieve.

Beyond the boundaries of Jeddah, the tower’s grandeur will resonate with the world, serving as a universal icon of innovation and aspiration. This architectural wonder is more than steel and concrete; it embodies the spirit of progress and human ingenuity.

As the final pieces of the puzzle fall into place, the anticipation intensifies, and the world holds its breath in anticipation of Jeddah Tower’s official inauguration. Saudi Arabia’s vision and tenacity, etched in the very core of this colossal structure, will be a source of inspiration for generations to come, inspiring them to reach for new horizons and conquer seemingly insurmountable challenges.

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Nestled within the radiant facade of the new spire lies an opulent tapestry of offerings, making the Jeddah Tower a destination like no other. The ambitious vision includes a lavish Four Seasons hotel, complemented by sophisticated Four Seasons serviced apartments that cater to the needs of discerning travelers. Adding to its allure, the tower will boast Class A office space, catering to the demands of businesses seeking a prestigious address at unparalleled heights.

But the true essence of luxury living will be experienced within the confines of the Jeddah Tower’s exquisite luxury condominiums, offering residents a privileged lifestyle high above the city. Aspiring to reach the very heavens, the tower will also be home to the world’s highest observatory, where visitors can behold breathtaking panoramas and witness the grandeur of the surrounding landscape.

To facilitate seamless access throughout this architectural marvel, an impressive fleet of 59 elevators, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, will be meticulously installed. Among them, 54 single-deck elevators and 5 double-deck elevators will gracefully transport guests and residents to their desired destinations with unmatched efficiency and comfort.

Every facet of the Jeddah Tower’s design is a masterpiece in itself, shaped by a harmonious fusion of aesthetics and functionality. The distinctive three-petal footprint of the tower, inspired by its residential aspect, exudes an aura of elegance while introducing an aerodynamic form. This ingenious design not only adds to the tower’s allure but also plays a crucial role in reducing structural loading caused by wind vortex shedding, ensuring stability and resilience against nature’s forces.

As the sun paints its journey across the sky, the tower gracefully casts a series of artful notches along its facade. These strategically engineered notches play with light and shadow, crafting a dance of contrast that bathes the outdoor terraces in gentle shade. These terraces, facing the vibrant city and the captivating Red Sea, offer an oasis of serenity amidst the bustling urban landscape.

In the pursuit of architectural excellence, the visionary firm Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture (AS+GG) has taken the helm, leading an interdisciplinary team of talents. Collaborating seamlessly with building services engineering consultants Environmental Systems Design, Inc. (ESD), and structural engineering consultants Thornton Tomassetti, they have woven a tapestry of innovation and creativity, ensuring that the Jeddah Tower rises to its full potential.

Among numerous contenders, the esteemed developer of Kingdom City, Jeddah Economic Company (JEC), handpicked the AS+GG scheme, recognizing its unparalleled brilliance. The journey leading to this decision was marked by a competitive process, with prominent firms such as SOM, Pickard Chilton, Kohn Pedersen Fox, Pelli Clarke Pelli, and Foster + Partners participating, a testament to the global allure and significance of the Jeddah Tower project.


In conclusion, the Jeddah Tower stands as an extraordinary testament to human ambition, engineering marvels, and architectural brilliance. As it continues to ascend towards the heavens, it defies limits and redefines the boundaries of what is possible in the world of skyscrapers.

The tower’s multifaceted offerings, ranging from the opulent Four Seasons hotel and serviced apartments to the prestigious Class A office space and luxurious condominiums, promise an unparalleled experience for visitors and residents alike. And with the world’s highest observatory, it beckons explorers to witness the world from a vantage point reserved for the few.

The intricate design of the tower, with its distinctive three-petal footprint and strategically engineered notches, is a symphony of form and function. It marries elegance and aerodynamics, demonstrating a delicate balance between beauty and resilience against nature’s forces.

Behind the awe-inspiring creation of the Jeddah Tower is an exceptional team of talents, led by the visionary minds at Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture (AS+GG). Together with their partners, Environmental Systems Design, Inc. (ESD) and Thornton Tomassetti, they have orchestrated a symphony of innovation and creativity, shaping the future of architecture.

As the completion date remains uncertain, the world eagerly awaits the day when the Jeddah Tower will stand tall as a symbol of Saudi Arabia’s ambition and economic growth. When that moment arrives, the tower is destined to become more than just a landmark; it will be a beacon of inspiration, a testament to human resilience, and a celebration of reaching new heights, both figuratively and literally.

The Jeddah Tower’s story is one of perseverance and triumph, an emblem of how determination and audacity can surmount any challenge. Its impact on the global architectural landscape will be felt for generations, leaving an indelible mark on the world and reminding us all that with courage and vision, we can touch the skies and achieve the seemingly impossible.

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