Godafoss Waterfall – Iceland’s Most Beautiful Natural Wonder

Godafoss waterfall

Godafoss Waterfall (pronunciation: kɔːðaˌfɔs) is located in Northern Iceland. It is one of the Iceland’s most popular tourist attractions. The waterfall is located along the country’s main ring road at the junction with the Sprengisandur highland road. About 45 minutes from Akureyri. The waterfall is easily accessible and a popular spot for both locals and visitors.

About Iceland

Iceland is a small island country located in the northern Atlantic Ocean. Its capital city is Reykjavik. Iceland was founded more than 1,000 years ago during the Viking age of exploration and settled by a mixed Norse and Celtic population. Iceland is known for its dramatic landscape, which is characterized by glaciers, volcanoes, geysers, and hot springs. The island is also home to a large number of bird species, including puffins and ravens. Visitors to Iceland can enjoy hiking, skiing, fishing, and other outdoor activities.

Population Of Iceland

Total Population: 376,248

Men: 193,095

Women: 183,153

Official Religion Of Iceland

Christianity has been a very large part of Icelandic culture since the adoption of Christianity as the state religion by the Althing in 999/1000 AD. Christianity the official religion in Iceland.

Biggest Waterfall In Iceland

Godafoss Waterfall introduction

If you find yourself in North Iceland, make sure to visit one of the country’s true pearls – Godafoss waterfall. The name ‘Godafoss’ translates to ‘waterfall of the gods’ and it is easy to see why. It is one of the biggest waterfalls in Iceland, measuring 30 meters wide and 12 meters high.

The waterfall is located on the Skjálfandafljót river and is fed by melting ice from the nearby glaciers. It is a popular spot for both locals and tourists alike, who come to admire its beauty and take in the refreshing mist created by the cascading water.

The river Skjálfandafljót runs through a 7000-year-old lava field from the Trölladyngja  volcano. This lava field is what feeds the Godafoss waterfall. The waterfall is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Iceland. It is known for its beautiful views and its rich history.

Waterfall Of The Gods

Waterfall Of The Gods

The Godafoss waterfall, also known as the Waterfall of the Gods, is one of the most stunning waterfalls in Iceland.

The goðafoss waterfall is one of Iceland’s most iconic waterfalls, and its beauty has been captured in many photographs and paintings over the years. The falls are formed by the glacial river skjálfandafljót as it cascades over a ledge of basalt rock, creating a spectacular sight.

Visitors to the falls can enjoy stunning views of the waterfalls from both above and below, and there are also several walking trails nearby that offer excellent vantage points.

History Of Godafoss Waterfall

history of godafoss

The origin of the waterfall’s name is not completely clear. In modern Icelandic, the name can be read either as “waterfall of the god (pagan idols). The falls themselves are located in a canyon that was carved out by glacial activity during the last ice age. Although it has a fascinating history.

The most popular theory about the waterfall’s name is that it comes from the Old Norse word for “cascade”, which would make it one of the few Icelandic place-names with a direct connection to the country’s Viking past. However, there is no conclusive evidence to support this theory.

Another possible explanation is that the name comes from a local legend about a woman who was turned into a waterfall after she drowned herself in the river below. This legend has been passed down through generations of Icelandic families and is still very popular today.

Location Of Godafoss Waterfall

Godafoss is one of the most beautiful and accessible waterfalls in Iceland. Located just off the Ring Road on Diamond Circle, it is an easy stop on any Iceland itinerary.

The waterfall is fed by the glacial river Skjálfandafljót and drops over a width of 30 meters (100 feet). It is one of the most photographed waterfalls in Iceland and for good reason – its horseshoe-shaped and unique location make it truly breathtaking.

Perfect Time To Visit Godafoss

godafoss in summer

Of course, the best time to go around Iceland is from June through September, as these months have a tendency to offer the best weather. Visit Godafoss during the summer months, as the sun remains up for longer during this time. The best way to experience the falls is in summer.

Godafoss In Winter

godafoss in winter

The falls are located in the north of the country, near the town of Akureyri. In winter, the waterfall is a beautiful sight, with the water freezing into ice and the snow covering the rocks and it is quite slippery. The falls are best seen from the viewing platform, which is accessible via a short hike from the parking lot.

Godafoss waterfall is an excellent place to visit throughout winter season but getting there with family can be challenging. It is fully covered in snow and ice.

Parking Of Godafoss Waterfall

Parking Of Godafoss Waterfall

There are two parking lots at Godafoss, one on each side of the river. The east side parking lot is for cars only, while the west side parking lot is for both cars and buses. Both parking lots have a limited number of spaces, so it is recommended to arrive early.

The walk from the east side parking lot to Godafoss is short and easy, following a path through a small wooded area. From the west side parking lot, the walk is slightly longer but still easy, with a few steps down to the river.

Hotels Near Godafoss Waterfall In Iceland

Here’s a list of hotels / accommodation near the Waterfall:

Hotels Near Godafoss Waterfall In Iceland

  • Ljósavatn Farmstay-Heimagisting

Goðafoss waterfall is 2.5 mi east from the accommodations and lake Mývatn is 25 mi away.

  • Fljótsbakki Hotel

It is located at 3.8 kms away from Godafoss waterfall.

  • Einishus Cottages

These cottages are located in Reykjadalur 37 mi from Akureyri and 6.2 mi from the famous waterfalls.

  • Laugar Guesthouse

The spectacular Godafoss Waterfall is 8.1 mi away.

  • Vallakot Farm Guesthouse

This guesthouse is located in Laugar, 11.4 km from the powerful waterfall.

Camping Near Godafoss

Camping Near Godafoss

Godafoss waterfall, located in northern Iceland is a popular camping destination for tourists. The falls are situated on the glacial river Skjálfandafljót and are fed by melting water from the Vatnajökull glacier. Godafoss means “waterfall of the gods” in Icelandic and is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the country. There are several camping sites located near the falls, which offer stunning views of the waterfall and surrounding area.

  • Guesthouse Fosshóll

The closest camping ground to Godafoss waterfall, situated just 500 meters from the waterfall, is Guest House Fossholl. The campsite provides primitive services such as running water, bathrooms, a gas station, a restaurant, and a grocery store.

Open: 15th of May until the 15th of September

  • Hlíð at Mývatn

Hlíð at Myvatn is located a little over 1 km from the edge of M vatn lake. The camping site has excellent facilities, including running water, restrooms, showers, electric service, a cooking tent it provides the weather gets bad, a shop, and a a playground.

Open: All year round

  • Systragril

Systragril is not far from the fertile Fnjoskadalur valley and only a short walk from the forest of Vaglaskógur. The resource-rich facilities include electricity for cooking, hot showers, washing machines, a giant swimming pool, a fishing pond, video games for children, and a field for sports.

Open: early June until the 30th of October

  • Vaglaskógur

Vaglaskógur is home to a campground located near godafoss waterfall. Vacation park amenities include bathrooms, running water, air conditioning, hiking trails, showers, an electrical outlet and a golf course.

Open: 1st of June until the 10th of September

  • Asbyrgi

Asbyrgi’s camping ground is a large campsite in a gorgeous location. Among the services offered at the site are Wi-Fi, showers, toilets, running water, hiking trails, a golf course, a playground, and dogs are welcome.

Open: 15th of May until the 30th of September.

Closest Airports

airport Near Godafoss

Husavik Airport: 23 km
Akureyri Airport: 32 km
Saudarkrokur: Airport 99 km

Attractions Near Godafoss

Attractions Near Godafoss

Dettifoss waterfall
Aldeyjarfoss waterfall
Krafla Caldera
Lofthellir Cave
Grænavatn Turf Farm obviously
Dimmuborgir Lava Park
Mt. Hverfjall
Geitafoss waterfall


In conclusion, Godafoss waterfall is one of the most beautiful natural wonders in Iceland. It is definitely worth a visit if you are ever in the country. Be sure to bring your camera to capture the beauty of this place! The Godafoss Waterfall is one of the most beautiful and serene places on Earth. Located in Iceland, this natural wonder is a must-see for any traveler.

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